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A rambunctious yet surprisingly mature throwback to the boy bands of yesteryear, Boncyan are a trio of men who love making music together. Fusing RnB with both classic pop & house music, they blast out a contagious pop concoction that’s ripe for the dancefloor, Boncyan are go!

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Award winning producer Janus Rasmussen (Kiasmos, Bloodgroup) has teamed up with established Faroese and British songwriters Sakaris & Tom Hannay, all making their home in Reykjavik, Iceland.

A polished electro-pop soundscape is backed by lush Beach Boys-esque harmonies, and is firmly anchored by lead singer Tom’s heartfelt vocals.

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Press release

Iceland’s freshest ‘boy band’ releases first single’

Boncyan - It's On Me

Released on October 30th

ISRC: GB9TP2001325

FFO: Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Charlie Puth, Harry Styles

‘It’s on me’ is Boncyan’s very first single to be released on October 30th. Award winning producer Janus Rasmussen (Kiasmos, Bloodgroup) has teamed up with Faroese and British songwriters Sakaris & Tom Hannay to form Iceland based Boncyan; a rambunctious yet mature throwback to the boy bands of yesteryear. ‘It’s on me’ offers a dreamy yet polished electro-pop soundscape anchored by Hannay’s heartfelt vocals.

Boncyan on 'It's on me':

"While the world was closing down we became strangely nostalgic about our own musical upbringing and decided to write something that would pay homage to how great the world was. Growing up, we had the best of both worlds, with our formative years being spent before the internet and the parallel universe of social media. We wanted to write something that reflected the casual naïveté of our youthful days."

Though Boncyan hasn’t been around for long, they have been in the making for quite some time. Janus, Sakaris & Tom all go way back and released a few songs under their previous name ‘Bodypaint’. After a successful festival tour, including Reykjavík’s beloved Iceland Airwaves, they felt the need to continue under a more ‘serious’ name with a little less google image results. Thus Boncyan was born. 


Boncyan derives from the French word ‘bon’ (meaning good) and the colour ‘cyan’ (a bright blue) and it’s a perfect representation of who they are. Without undermining their individual and collective talent and know-how, they don’t take themselves too seriously and know exactly how to please a crowd.


Their first single was released on October 30th.

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All credits

Janus Rasmussen


Tom Hannay (lead vocals)


Chris Ramsden

Exclusively distributed by Republic of Music