New releases


Winter Songs

'Winter Songs' is a cosy and jazzy Christmas cover EP with songs everbody knows. But something you may not know is that all the songs are written by women!

The last song on the album was chosen by Hanna Mia's 92 year old grandmother, as it stands for many beautiful and cherished memories.



'Reflections' is Myrkvi’s debut album, released by Sony Music Denmark. The Icelandic indie musician establishes a warm sound, with each song bringing a new, different musical layer to the story. Magnús Thorlacius wrote each song in and about a different period in his life, with a focus on intriguing melodies. 'Reflections' makes for a wholesome and well-constructed album that grows on you with each listen.


Chasing the Present

Snorri Hallgrímsson is back with yet another touching neoclassical single! 'Chasing the Present' is the title track of Snorri's upcoming first soundtrack album, presenting the score to the homonymous US-documentary by Mark Waters.


While The World Burns (shower room session)

Svavar Knútur once again gives us comfort and warmth with this new intimate version of "While The World Burns", filmed at the abandoned ladies shower room at the Sundhöllin pool in Reykjavík!


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