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Oscar Leone

Oscar Leone is Pétur Óskar’s musical alter-ego. Born and raised in Waldbredimus, Luxembourg, he moved to Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, at the age of 10, and he currently resides in a cabin by a lake in Meðalfellsvatn. Being an actor, he only started making music in 2019, after a ceremony with a friend from Peru honored him with an epiphany; all he had to do was learn to play the guitar to let out the tunes that were residing deep within him.


Combining his love for folk music with his poetic and relatable songwriting, he authentically intertwines it resulting in easygoing indie-rock, toying with both acoustic and electric soundscapes.


He released his first single ‘Superstar’ in 2019, whose video was immediately nominated by the Icelandic Music Awards in the category ‘Video of the Year’. In 2020 Lion was released, along with ‘Take the seasons’, whose video was also nominated ‘Video of the Year’. In 2021 ‘Aloha’ was released, and his latest single ‘Sjaldan er ein Báran Stök’ was released during the full Strawberry moon on june 25th. 


Oscar Leone is also an actor and is proud to have been in the internationally acclaimed Luxembourgish series Capitani in the role of Eric Meyer. He has also been in Trapped 2 which is the most succesful tv-series in Icelandic history up until this day.


Oscar is born in Luxembourg and spent his childhood in Waldbredimus. He used to play football professionally and started out playing with FC Bous. Although they aren´t ranked highly when it comes to football history in general, he cherishes the time spent there as it was his first ever football team. After moving to Iceland, Oscar played with FH, and the national teams of Iceland before injuring himself at the age of 23 after which he retired from playing. It later turned out to be a blessing in disguise.


Maybe it´s a sign that the national emblem of the Luxembourgish national team is a Lion. Since Oscar Leone’s single ‘Lion’ is currently one of the most popular songs on Luxembourgish radio, it was honor for him to play this song during the official inauguration of Luxembourg's new stadium 'Stade de Luxembourg' in september '21.


Oscar Leone - Lion (Live at Stade de National)

Oscar Leone - Lion (Live at Stade de National)

Oscar Leone was invited to play during the official inauguration of Luxembourg's new stadium Stade de National, organized by the city of Luxembourg. Amongst the incitees were the Grand Duke, the mayor, the prime minister, and many other officials.

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