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Concert from Iceland, an online experience

2020 has been a year of adaptation, with most individuals and companies  operating remotely. While this is a testament to our resolve and should be applauded, It has also presented some challenges which have impacted general morale and productivity. Staff are left with fewer opportunities to bond with each other, resulting in less of a team dynamic and events organizers are struggling to find ways to entertain clients and thereby build solid relationships.

With the below packages we can offer you an online interactive high definition concert for you and your team. These are a fun and upbeat way to kick back and bond with your team, break the ice with new clients, or take a little break from the daily humdrum.

"This concert was a great way to take a break and reconnect with my team!"

The artists

Hanna Mia Photo by Emma Romeijn.JPG

Hanna Mia Brekkan is an Icelandic musician and singer songwriter specialized in taking you on a journey through music and personal experiences related to the Icelandic culture and peculiar local traditions.

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Schermafbeelding 2020-10-05 om 14.23.36.

Tom Hannay is an English singer songwriter experienced in hosting fun and interactive social events connecting to you through his own music and a wide array of covers.

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Pick your package



Solo concert

Pick your artist for a 60 minute private concert! The concert will be hosted online through YouTube or Zoom and it can be both interactive or anonymous. 

Artist: Take your pick

Duration: 60 minutes

Extra: -



Solo concert with mystery guest

Pick your artist for a 60 minute private concert with a twist in the form of a mystery guest who will join along or a few songs! The concert will be hosted online through YouTube or Zoom and it can be both interactive or anymous.

Artist: Take your pick & mystery guest

Duration: 60 minutes

Extra: Mystery guest, requests possible



Duo concert

Hanna Mia & Tom Hannay will team up and provide you with a mixed 30 minute solo set each and a 20 minute duet set. The concert will be hosted through YouTube or Zoom and can be both interactive or anonymous.

Artist: Hanna Mia & Tom Hannay

Duration: 80 minutes (splittable)

Extra: Requests possible, Video reel of the concert + free download link to newest album

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