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'Reflections' debut album out now!

UPC 886448802075

'Reflections' is Myrkvi’s debut album, released by Sony Music Denmark. The Icelandic indie musician establishes a warm sound, with each song bringing a new, different musical layer to the story. Magnús Thorlacius wrote each song in and about a different period in his life, with a focus on intriguing melodies. 'Reflections' makes for a wholesome and well-constructed album that grows on you with each listen.

Myrkvi on 'Reflections':
"Like many debut albums, Reflections is written during a relatively long period of time. Many of the songs on the album represent different periods in my life; travels and serenity, hopeless loneliness, awkward rejection and sheer joy and the excitement of meeting someone. There is no concept to the album, it is a collection of songs that mean something to me. Songs written when I felt a need to express myself. 


When Vio, my band, started to take a musical direction I realised I had to have another outlet for my music. The songs on the album have in common that they didn’t fit for Vio but are nonetheless a huge part of who I am as a musician. Songs that I felt was important to release and deserved to be heard. The reason for my solo career. 


The process of making the album has taken a few years. Three songs were recorded separately and finished earlier than the other ones. A large part of the album was recorded in a few blast sessions that lasted throughout the night, singing until my voice gave in etc. However, I spent months applying layer instruments and completing the arrangement of the songs. I re-recorded one song, which I changed, and threw out two other ones I had finished. Then finally, the album felt complete. All of this happened more than a year ago. The album, including artwork, videos and everything, was ready before I released my debut single. I had even gathered an amazing band and recorded a few live performance videos of us before everything kicked off. 


I would have liked to tour a lot more this year, but I will be on the road as soon as I can see you there! It has been an amazing journey so far. Hope you enjoy Reflections!"

Many thanks to everyone mentioned below and Kim Wagenaar, Arnór Dan Arnarson, Bergþór Másson, Sony Music Iceland, Sebastian Król, Backseat PR, Páll Sólmundur Eydal, Lovísa Rut Kristjánsdóttir and Sigurður Ingi Einarsson.

Special thanks to Melina Rathjen, I could not have done this without you, and to my dear friend Yngvi Rafn Garðarsson Holm.

Album credits

Songs and lyrics written by Magnús Thorlacius.
Produced by Kári Guðmundsson and Arnar Guðjónsson.
Recorded at Baggabotn and Aeronaut Studios, Iceland.

Mixed by Arnar Guðjónsson.
Mastered by Friðfinnur Oculus Sigurðsson.
Artwork design by Viktor Weisshappel Vilhjálmsson.
Paintings used in artwork by Freydís Halldórsdóttir.
Vocals, guitars and keyboards: Magnús Thorlacius.
Bass and percussion: Kári Guðmundsson.
Drums: Arnór Sigurðarson. 

'Reflections' (song) produced and mixed by Óskar Björn Bjarnason. 

Additional editing by Guðmundur Guðmundsson.

'Sweetheart' produced and mixed by Kári Guðmundsson.
Producer and bass in 'Coastline' and 'Gamechanger': Arnar Guðjónsson.
Parts of bassline by Kári Guðmundsson.
Drums and percussion in 'Coastline': Andri Freyr Þorgeirsson.
Piano in 'Gamechanger': Sigurður Thorlacius.
Percussion in 'Gamechanger': Arnór Sigurðarson.


Myrkvi is Magnús Thorlacius’ moniker as a solo musician. Magnús burst onto the Icelandic music scene in 2014 when Vio, an indie rock band he had formed just four weeks earlier, won the Icelandic Battle of the Bands (‘Músíktilraunir’), with Magnús also receiving the Best Singer Award. Previous winners include Of Monsters and Men, Samaris and Vök.

Vio were nominated as the Newcomer of the Year at the 2014 Icelandic Music Awards after their debut single ‘You Lost It’ became a national hit. Their debut album later became nominated as Rock Album of the Year at the 2015 Icelandic Music Awards. The album ‘Dive In’ enjoyed continued success at home e.g. their single ‘Liðnar árstíðir’ was the 5th most played song of the year 2015 on the largest radio station in Iceland. Vio released the EP ‘Same Games’ in 2017 including their most popular track to date ‘Alright’. They are currently working on a comeback album.

In the beginning of 2020, Magnús revealed himself as Myrkvi (Icelandic for “eclipse”). He has enjoyed an excellent start to his solo career. His debut single ‘Sér um sig’ reached 2nd place on the main radio chart in Iceland and the latest single ‘Gamechanger’ is being widely played locally and in Germany. Myrkvi has presented a fresh sound to all fans of Icelandic indie music. The eagerly awaited debut album ‘Reflections’ was released on 30.10.20.

Myrkvi’s music evokes a warm feeling; acoustic, indie vibes are flavoured with jangly guitars and wholehearted melodies. Cordial vocals resonate with a rusty horizon, bringing a fresh, yet familiar, breeze to the scenery.


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