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Book me now for consulting sessions!

Simply send me an email to


I will be happy to support you with the following topics: 

  • Getting started - the basics of building a professional music career

  • Creating an online presence: social media, website, press kit

  • Promotional strategies / how to write and send press releases

  • Understanding the music industry - who are the different players and how to approach them? 

  • Different ways of making money with music - what kind of artist would you like to be?

  • How to distribute your music and to reach a bigger audience (e.g. playlist plugging)

  • Building your network; finding out your music making preferences

  • Staying mentally healthy in the music industry

  • ...anything more you need help with - don't hesitate to ask me about anything! 

How I will work with you: 

Step 1: Please get in touch with me! Ideally, send me your social media + website links (if you have) and music. It would be great to already hear from you what your goals are and what you need help with.

Step 2: I will get back to you via email, optionally we can also have a quick Skype call to talk about the set up of a consulting session.

Step 3: After that - if you agree on all terms and book me for a session - I will work out the strategy for your individual needs and have a session with you either on Skype or face-to-face to coach you and give you tips and advice, to work out with you the concrete steps you should take and how to come closer to your goals. The session will take around 90-120 minutes. 

Step 4: Afterwards I will send you a package of general helpful information, but also create a personalised guideline, including things we talked about and worked out, as well as further ideas and possibly helpful contacts.

My goal is to increase your music industry knowledge, to give you inspiration for concrete steps to take, to support you mentally and to help you find the path you'd like to go and how to achieve it!


  • First session (as described above): 150€

  • Any further sessions, if needed: 120€

All sessions will take approximately 1-2 hours. Preparations and info material + personalised guidelines are included in the prices.

Melina Rathjen is powered by Keychange - an international campaign which is run by PRS Foundation and supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union in partnership with Musikcentrum Sweden, Reeperbahn Festival, Iceland Airwaves, BIME, Tallinn Music Week, Way Out West, The Great Escape and Mutek.

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