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Sunna Margrét:

Press (Iceland):


Sunna Margrét brings to the stage the narrative of distant dreams filled with the echoes of contemporary female superheroes and crooked talking mushrooms. The Icelandic artist-poet’s latest release is the first single from her upcoming EP titled ’Art of History’ to be released on No Salad Records and Reykjavík Record Shop in December 2019/January 2020.


She is known for her sensorial, atmospheric and emotive live shows, pinned together with her passion for performance art. Her shows encompass installation and visual projections, mapping the stage with stimulating images that reflect the mood and narrative of her abstract electronica that can sometimes be described as psychedelic, delivering her euphoric voice to the ear.


Although her career started in her teens with the electro pop band Bloodgroup, Sunna debuted her first solo single ‘Hero Slave’ in the summer of 2017 with a performance at LungA art festival in Seyðisfjörður. Since then she has released a Wire Tapper featured track ’Amma’ along with remixes from some of Iceland’s top electronic artists.


vinyl release: 17 Dec 2019

digital release: 3 Jan 2020

The eponymous 1st single of the upcoming album is out on Friday December 13th for streaming on Youtube, Soundcloud and all streaming platforms

The Icelandic producer, singer and visual artist Sunna Margrét has put together 5 experimental-ambient-braindance-electronica tracks on the Kraumur Awards nominated EP Art of History. The EP will be available exclusively on vinyl on the 17th of December through Reykjavík Record Shop and No Salad Records. The digital version of the album will be available on the streaming services on January 3rd 2020.


Co-released between her oceanic hometown of Reykjavik, Iceland, and her current alpine home base in Lausanne, Switzerland, Art of History brings together distant dreams of elvish druids and beats of a contemporary urban woman.

We don’t see with our eyes and we don’t hear with our ears. Those are only receivers for us to then interpret what we are sensing. The music is heard, is sensed, is felt, is seen. It speaks of the experience of a sensible being, of a sensible life. It’s a sensible writing.

Exclusive album stream of 'Art of History'

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Previous press reviews:

“At a time when many of her Icelandic peers strive to fill space from the get-go with attitude but end up sounding bombastic, Sunna delivers a euphoric tune that begs to be played on repeat, hinting at greater things to come.”

- The Line of Best Fit

“...‘Hero Slave’ is excellent. Built from enigmatic lyrics circling around an Alice In Wonderland echoing mysterious drink, it’s poised between heavy beats and a delicate riff, and all that comes together in track that doesn’t sound like too much else out there right now. It’s got a gravitational pull-level of strange appeal, and is so compelling that it’s hard to stay away from the replay button."

- Ja Ja Ja Music


“Sunna’s debut single is both psychedelic and, industrial, and also weirdly chill. Imagine Siouxsie Sioux on Xanax with access to Ableton. The lyrics themselves are ethereal, personal, and according to Sunna herself, “a weird mix of dreams, reality and my childhood memories.” It’s weird stuff, but still totally accessible.”

- Reykjavík Grapevine


Óðinsgata 15

Reykjavík, Iceland



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