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Hanna Mia Brekkan a Reykjavík based musician with a bachelor in music composition from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts.

I host online livingroom concerts where I play my own material with new songs and stories. Get tickets here.


In June 2018 I started a project where I decided to compose one song every day for a year. It was a way for me to develop my songwriting and production skills. Every day a new song was uploaded on YouTube and Facebook where you can follow the project and see the music evolve.

"My mother happened to leave a lot of Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan records around my room when I was a kid. This shaped my taste in music and when two of my middle school teachers introduced me to jazz, blues and gospel I was sold. When I was home alone I would close my eyes, imagine I was Billie Holiday and sing. No one inspires me as much as jazz, blues and soul singers. Bob Dylan gets to join my music library because of his lyrics, and I am forever grateful to Nina Simone for covering Dylan's work for the world to hear"


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