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Born to an Swedish father and Icelandic mother, Hanna Mia grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. As a child she started writing music spending the summer holidays in Iceland, and recorded her first song at the age of 10 on the family keyboard in her father's home in Stockholm 2001.


At 19 years old Hanna Mia moved to Berlin when she was 19 years old to work on her music. Hanna Mia's debut EP, Banana Tree was recorded there and independently released in 2011. The idea behind the album was song ideas for a Brazilian surfing TV show, who requested demos after seeing her busk on the streets of Copenhagen that same year. It is a happy, heartwarming EP that mirrors her playfulness and joy. Hanna Mia worked with Berlin based producer Marcel Brell and Marvin Brooks. Her full length album (Out of Water) was released in 2014.


After having lived in Germany for five years, she returned to her second home, Iceland, to continue building her music career. She graduated in New Media Music Composition at the Iceland University of the Arts. In 2016 she collaborated with Germany’s top YouTubers through the #WomenCreate project run by Google. This led to her collaborating with some of Scandinavia’s most legendary artists, which she continues to do. She is not just a women of the arts, but is also honored for her activism regarding equality and anti-discrimination. It’s therefore no wonder that her songs explore themes of identity, love, injustice and human rights.

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For her final thesis at the Icelandic University of Arts Hanna Mia decided to create an endurance art performance under the artist name Mill and wrote a song every day for a year that she uploaded daily to YouTube. She performed some of the songs in concert the same day they were written. Her project was closely followed by the Icelandic media and broadcasted live in the evening news. Near the end of her project, Hanna Mia recorded and released a ‘Best Of’ album with personally selected songs called Woman's World (365 Days). All the 365 songs can be watched on YouTube.


The global pandemic may have put a halt on the industry, but not on her perseverance. She partnered up with Airbnb to continue hosting the living room concerts she has been giving in her cosy, Reykjavík home since 2019, online. In December 2020 she released her latest EP ‘Winter Songs’, giving popular Christmas songs written by women a new, jazzy twist, while reminding the world of the female talent that powered these songs into existence. Aiming to tour near the end of 2021, she is currently working on her future album from the comfort of her studio located in the old harbour in Reykjavík.

She has been releasing music independently since 2011.

Winter Songs

December (2020)

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