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Ed Carlsen - Bio

Ed Carlsen is a composer and producer from Sardinia, Italy. He blends elements from modern classical music, such as intimate piano and strings, with electronic beats and ambient soundscapes.

Professionally trained as a guitarist, it was not until 2015 that Ed began to translate these skills onto piano, using his own compositions as the foundation in which to discover the instrument. This gave him an unconventional approach to the piano, whilst retaining the musicality that he had developed through his studies of guitar.


Seeking to marry this musical knowledge with production techniques, Carlsen pursued a degree in Music Technology at the London College of Music, where he gained an interest in sound design and music composition for film and visual media. That became the vision for his debut album ‘The Journey Tapes’, released by Canadian label Moderna Records in 2016. This was followed by a second solo work on the same label, ‘Elusive Frames’, and a split vinyl release with Heather Woods Broderick, via Gregory Euclide’s ‘Thesis’ project.


Inspiration from live performances of other artists and human interaction is a secondary key to Ed’s work:


“it’s when I’m calm that ideas start popping up in my head. Inspiration comes from different things, it could be a song, a book, a film, a mood, anything really. I like going out to see live gigs as it drives my inspiration pretty good, for some reason. People are also a great inspiration, and this applies to those who make me feel something deep and real, such as love, admiration or a strong friendship bond.”(Contemplative Classical)


All this leads to a creative process where he enriches the typical neoclassical piano (warm and stripped to its raw form) with textures that come from both electronic (guitar, synth, drum beats) and organic sounds.


Ed Carlsen’s music has now reached almost 10 million streams across all digital platforms and has been acknowledged by media outlets such as, BBC, Elle, Exclaim! and more.

Ed has been playing shows across Europe and is finally back with his new album 'Morning Hour', released on September 27, 2019 on Moderna Records.

The single "Words", taken from Ed Carlsen's new album 'Morning Hour' - read more over here on Self-Titled, who premiered the track!

OUT NOW: Album 'Morning Hour' (September 27, 2019 / Moderna Records)



"rises out of silence into a warm outpouring of musical emotion" - Atwood Magazine

"a fine example of minimal electronic music, and showcases an understated and ambient production style with a core of 16th note repeats that shimmer like stars on a lake" - Chillfiltr

"uses the form of modern composition, yet nearly every track blooms into beat-driven, electronic timbres... a fun and fascinating album" - A Closer Listen

"not to be missed" - Magnetic Magazine

On September 27th Ed Carlsen sees the release of Morning Hour, his third album, on Canadian ambient/instrumental imprint Moderna Records. To celebrate the occasion, he recently shared a behind-the-scenes style video for "Hands, Heart" with Contemplative Classical. The album can be streamed in full via Spotify, and purchased here.

Ed started writing Morning Hour in May 2018, while living in Krakow, with most of the recording and production process concluding during his return to Sardinia, Italy. He blends elements from modern classical music, such as intimate piano and strings, with electronic rhythms and ambient soundscapes. But it’s important to understand that the shapeshifting sounds on the new album are rooted in real life experiences — the sense of place in distant locales, the confronting of anxieties, the loss of life, and ultimately, the redemptive choice in leaving the darkness behind for a new light.

"The idea to call it Morning Hour came from the need to start something fresh, more positive and brighter. Could I not name the opening track ‘First Light’ then?  I wanted this transition from melancholy to positivity to be obvious from a change of look," Ed describes. "The album can be broken into two parts: the first is quite electronic, a statement of this change of skin. The second part is more traditionally ‘modern classical’. ‘Home’ works as the transition between the two parts, as it has two souls: a dark, modern classical first half vs a more optimistic and upbeat conclusion. If I was to define the album, I’d say that it is a reflective work upon life experiences, either good or bad, put together as a collection of pieces that flow from beginning to end like a journey."


Morning Hour
Moderna Records, 2019
Elusive Frames
Moderna Records, 2017
The Journey Tapes
Moderna Records, 2016
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Collaborative works

Part of a single release series around Piano Day

Moderna Records, 2019
From "Intervals", a compilation curated for Piano Day.

Moderna Records, 2018
(single) with Jagoda Kudlinska.

Ed Carlsen & Jagoda Kudlinska, 2018
From Matt Emery's "Empire Remixes".

Injazero Records, 2017
Split vinyl-only release with Heather Woods Broderick and hand-crafted packaging by Gregory Euclide.

Thesis, 2017
From "Autumn" compilation.

Bigo&Twigetti, 2017
From "Algorithmics" compilation, curated for Piano Day 2017.

Moderna Records, 2017
From "Sólfar Reworked".

Manos Milonakis, 2016
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Past Dates

29.03.2019    Budapest (HU) - Müpa | Piano Day 2019

25.11.2018    Rome (IT) - First Interactions

24.11.2018    Verona (IT) - First Interactions

23.11.2018    Cagliari (IT) - First Interactions

21.07.2018    Leuven (BE) - M.M Van Museum

09.07.2018    Potsdam (DE) - Kosmoskonzerte #9

22.06.2018    Odense (DK) - Sofar Sounds

20.05.2018    Aachen (DE) - Junge Kirche

13.04.2018    Potsdam (DE) - Q3Ambientfest

29.03.2018    Rome (IT) - Piano Day 2018: The Studio Session

23.03.2018    Verona (IT) - Sofar Sounds

01.03.2018    Warsaw (PL) - Otwarta Pracownia Jazdów

23.02.2018    Krakow (PL) - Goethe Institut

14.02.2018    Krakow (PL) - Sofar Sounds (with guest Jagoda Kudlinska)

03.02.2018    Sopot (PL) - Teatr Boto

01.12.2017    Cagliari (IT) - Festival ACòa, IV ed.

06.10.2017    Oslo (NO) - Sofar Sounds

20.09.2017    Krakòw (PL) - Sofar Sounds & Amnesty International's 'Give a Home'

14.09.2017    Warsaw (PL) - Miejsce

27.07.2017    Cagliari (IT) - Palazzo Siotto

08.06.2017    Warsaw (PL) - Miejsce

07.06.2017    Warsaw (PL) - Sofar Sounds

02.06.2017    Krakòw (PL) - Sofar Sounds

12.05.2017    Montréal (CA) - L'Artère Coop.

11.05.2017    Montréal (CA) - Casa del Popolo (Justin Wright, Ed Carlsen, Tambour and Fredrik Gran)

09.05.2017    Montréal (CA) - Sofar Sounds


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