We are beyond excited and grateful to share our talented roster with you. We don't only represent musicians, but also photographers and other creatives! Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to know more or are interested in an open conversation for a potential collaboration.

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Peer Agency's Alumni's

Hanna Mia (IS, management)     Ed Carlsen (IT, management)     Will Samson (UK, management)                   The Gentleman Losers (FI, management)     Illuminine (BE, management)     OUTER (BE, consulting)           Sunna Margrét (IS, project management)        Gilman (BE, consulting)     Levi Patel (NZ, consulting)      Amanda Bloom (AU, consulting)     rauður (IS, consulting)     Velvet Villain (IS, consulting)     Mill (IS, consulting)       Omotrack (IS, consulting)     bk pepper (IE, consulting)     Mill (IS, consulting)     KRÍA (IS, consulting)     John Hayes (US, consulting)

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© Peer Agency 2021